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Juice Questions?

Learn more about how to use cold-pressed juices to detox your body and boost your health. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there’s a question we haven’t answered!

What is Better About Cold-Pressed?

One of the advantages of cold-press juicing is that it helps retain the highest level of nutrition from fruits and vegetables. This is because cold pressing doesn’t expose the produce to heat, which can break down or reduce some of the nutritional content that the juice would otherwise contain.

What Is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is when someone drinks juices for a certain period of time, typically a few days. The idea behind it is to give the body a break from solid food and to flood it with vitamins and minerals from the juices. Many people believe that a juice cleanse can help to rid the body of toxins and improve digestion.

What Is the difference between a Wellness Shot, Juice, Smoothie and Bowl?

Wellness Shot

This is a concentrated and nutrient-dense drink that is meant to make you feel good. It’s a small shot that packs a big punch of vitamins and minerals, with no added sugars or fillers.


Juices are made from fresh fruits and vegetables that are cold-pressed to extract the maximum amount of nutrients. Because there is no heat exposure, the juices retain as much nutrition as possible, making them a healthy and refreshing choice.


Our smoothies are non-dairy and provide a bit of an in-between meal replacement and juice, with a creamy and fulfilling texture. They are very nutritious, made with natural sweeteners like dates or honey and no added sugars.


Our bowls are a heavier option and can be a meal replacement. They are more filling than a juice or smoothie and are perfect for post-workout or when you’re hungry and want to eat something healthy. They are non-dairy based and packed with natural, nutritious ingredients.